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Bergamo 2.035

A new Urban Concept

A new “Wired-book” for a new model of “smart cities”.

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Nibiru Planet

The Italian knowledge-centre will open in Brescia

The first italian technology and edutainment park in Brescia

Es Molí de Sal

A restaurant in Formentera

Brand new identity and logo for the launch of this spanish restaurant in Formentera.

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Expo in Città

A logo for all the interesting activities in Milan during Expo 2015

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The Little Kingdom of Great...

A small sandwich bar who aimes to be Great. In London. Designed in cooperation with Michael Thomson.

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The Fabric

The 350° anniversary of a luxury textile maker

VBC 1663 The Fabric is the name Vitale Barberis Canonico, one of the oldest Italian woolen mills, chose to mark the celebrations for its 350th anniversary.

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Grand Cru 1663

Visual identity for a prestigious cloth

We designed the visual identity for a unique product, launched by luxury textile maker Vitale Barberis Canonico to mark its 350th anniversary.

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Pure Rubies

Podernuovo a Palazzone: The Bulgari Vineyard

For wine lovers, and for those who are curious about how to promote luxury brands successfully on the iPad platform.

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Rags, rabbit skins and invisible watermarks

750 years of papermaking in Fabriano

You will find out about the history of paper in Fabriano: its secrets, its journeys, and some of the personalities who, from the 13th century onward, have used it to create immortal works and accomplish great deeds.

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The First World War

WWI in the pages of the Corriere della Sera

A hundred years ago, WW1 changed the world and marked the transition to the new century. This book contains nearly 300 front pages from Corriere della Sera, Italy’s leading daily paper, in 1914-1918.

Strange Worlds

Matthew Albanese’s low-tech hyper-realism

“Incredible landscapes and amazing views in a beautifully designed book”.

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“In Matthew Albanese’s strange worlds, the commonplace can become astonishing.”
— The Daily Beast
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Design on your desk – 2013

“Writing. Design on your desk” is a temporary platform that makes it possible to find and purchase the best of stationery design: a selection of the best brands in the Italian and international design industry, collected and presented in an innovative way.

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Costantino 313 d.C.

On show at Milan’s Palazzo Reale

“Constantine, 313 AD. The Edict of Milan and the Age of Tolerance” was an exhibition organised by Milan’s Museo Diocesano and Electa to coincide with the 700th anniversary of Emperor Constantine I’s historic decree. It was held from October 2012 to March 2013.

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Designers & Books

The books that inspire the world's most influential designers

Massimo Pitis was asked to select the books he loves the most. Here is the contribution he added to those of other leading designers.

Flash Art

Redesigning a leading art magazine’s international edition

In collaboration with Maciej Tajber, Massimo Pitis worked as a type-director on the ambitious task of redesigning the magazine in its international version: the first such revamping since the seventies.

PITIS - 11_flash_art-web

The first pages of La Gazzetta dello Sport

The emotions, the protagonists, the challenges, from the newspaper’s birth to the 30th Olympic Games

From cyclist Alfredo Binda to footballer Omar Sívori, from Cassius Clay to Michael Schumacher, for more than a century Italian and international sport has had an ever-present companion that witnessed its successes and its tragedies, the records broken and the challenges won. This book tells the story of sport in Italy through the pages that, over the years, broke all the important news.

PITIS - 00_la-gazzetta_web

Take Your Pleasure Seriuosly

A Luca Barcellona monograph

With essays by Luca Barcellona, Giovanni De Faccio, and Nicola “Dee Mo” Peressoni. Interview by Chaz Bojórquez. Buy a copy here.

PITIS - luca-barcellona_limited_home_web
“Luca Barcellona shatters the boundaries as he blends his street sensibility with fine penmanship.” — Letter Arts Review

Gold Medal for Italian Architecture

The building of social value

The goal of the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture is public promotion of contemporary architecture as a manufacturer of civic and environmental value, and looks at the discipline as a product of a lively dialogue between designers, clients and construction companies.

PITIS - Antinoo cover


The Allure of Beauty

The strong bond that tied emperor Hadrian to this young man from Bithynia, as told through more than 50 sculpures, reliefs, gems and coins.

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Artemisia Gentileschi

History of a passion

The visual identity we designed for the first Italian retrospective show devoted to Early-Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi took as its starting point the very idea that was used as a teasing element to kickstart the exhibition’s promotion: combining the opposite extremes of “ultra light” and “extra bold” typefaces, we obtained an A (for Artemisia) that shows and hides her most celebrated painting, Judith Slaying Holofernes.

PITIS - Stampa


“Out!” — Art and Urban Space, 1968-1976

This exhibition presented some significant instances in the relationship between art and urban space in Italy between 1968 and 1976.

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Anniversaries, numbers and designers

Pitis took part in an exhibition celebrating the unification of Italy, on its 150th anniversary.

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Vespa Spaghetti Typography

How Italians live with design everyday

Everybody is familiar with Italy’s famous food and the popular Vespa scooter. But not as many people have a very good knowledge of contemporary Italian graphic design, which spawned many other icons.

PITIS - 20110306_pizza,pankakes,and,daily,bread

Pizza, pancakes and daily bread

A lecture at the Type Directors’ Club, New York City

Massimo Pitis presented his work at the TDC’s Salon in New York City on the 6th of March, 2011.

PITIS - 20110430_tedxpalermo

Pitis @ TEDxPalermo

A video lecture by Massimo Pitis

Pitis was invited to the TEDx event, curated by Raffaella Guidobono in Palermo on the 30th of April, 2011.

PITIS - 20110611_muji-japan

Enjoy! ( ) Energy

Pitis took part in Muji’s project aimed at promoting energy saving

Muji approached a number of designers around the world and asked them to provide an idea as an expression of support for Japan after the Sendai/Fukushima tragedy of 2011.

PITIS - Museo del Novecento marchio_opere
Museums conceal in order to reveal; we strived to invert this axiom by designing a museum that projects into the city

Museo del Novecento

Modern and contemporary art in Milan

The Museo del Novecento, directed by Marina Pugliese, opened at the Palazzo dell’Arengario, in the very centre of Milan, in the autumn of 2010.

The New Burlesque

A project by Cesare Cicardini and Pitis

This valuable box contains 24 prints: portraits of the most important European Burlesque artistes. It also includes a booklet telling the behind-the-scenes stories of this old form of stage show, which in its new incarnation, following its success in the United States, has conquered Europe.

PITIS - the-new-burlesque_cover
"I have the arrogance of calling myself a masterpiece" – Janet Fischietto

Flat Design

Identity and drawings for a tablecloth series

Flat Design is the home collection of tablecloths with the creative imprints of international designers and art directors, who took up a challenge experimenting with textile as a bi-dimensional surface — like a sheet of paper — to which they added their own poetic touch.

PITIS - flat_textures_americana2

Ground Control

A creative agency’s visual identity

Ground Control is an agency that aims at focusing on content and excellence in the development of unique communication projects, managing and safeguarding the quality of production dynamics at all levels. Pitis designed their identity. For more info visit their website.

PITIS - GroundControl_identity00
PITIS - esperia_logo_01


Designing a range of book series. Consistency and diversity

Italian publishing house Esperia was founded in 1990. Its main purpose is to popularise Buddhist teachings, in particular those based on the tradition of the Lotus Sutra and monk Nichiren Daishonin. Pitis has been commissioned to design most of the books published since 1996.

PITIS - cerchi

IED – Milan

Master Course in Graphic Design Management

Pitis designed the visual identity and all promotional materials for the Master Course in Graphic Design Management at the Department of Visual Arts of the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Massimo Pitis is the founder of the Master and was its coordinator it between 2006 and 2010.

"Good design is good Business"
PITIS - Stampa


An experimental font built upon basic elements

Hannover Bridge, the major influence for this experimental typeface, is the name of a cargo boat owned by a Japanese shipping company and registered in Panama with a name referencing Germany.


A photographic typeface

A typographic research project through photography and bodies.

PITIS - P_Bodyfont_web-cover
PITIS - kenya_hara_03_web

Kenya Hara

Visiting Milan

Pitis organised a lecture by the famous Japanese designer, Muji’s art director and the director of the Nippon Design Center, at the Politecnico di Milano.

PITIS - goldoni_poster

Carlo Goldoni 1707 – 2007

Visual identity for a cultural event

Upon celebrating the 300th anniversary of the renowned Venetian playwright’s birth, the Veneto regional government organised a competition for the event’s visual identity. This is a selection from the proposal we presented.

Pino Tovaglia

The rule that corrects emotions

Pitis designed both the exhibition, which was curated by Massimo Pitis, and a monograph on the work of Pino Tovaglia: one of the protagonists of Italian graphic design, whose work contributed to the success of many leading Italian businesses, from Pirelli to Fini, from RAI to Alitalia.

PITIS - pino_tovaglia_01_web
PITIS - foto.01

Venice Architecture Biennal 2004

Graphic design for the Italian Pavillion

Exhibition identity and graphic design for the Italian Pavilion, curated by Mirko Zardini and Giovanna Borasi at the Ninth International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, titled “Metamorph” and directed by Kurt W. Forster.

Diario & Blu

Brand identity for a mobile telephone operator, including a custom typeface

“Diario owes its name to the font from which it borrowed more than a simple inspiration: Agenda. I remember having had a sort of real infatuation with that typeface.”

PITIS - logo-flat-colori