Stories of Italy

Art, Heritage, Crafts, Design

Stories of Italy is a duo of creative artists based in Milan that self-produces design pieces using the main Italian craft traditions.



Art direction for the famous department store in Milan

Pitis is in charge for the Art direction of the prestigious Milanese Dept. Store of Galleria del Corso — an icon of international shopping. Among the artist involved: Miranda Makaroff, Cynthia Kittler, Camilla Perkins and Karan Singh.



(Italiano) Rebranding e identità visiva per lo studio di design con base a Milano

A complex project that was put under a deep brand check up, with research, analysis, various workshops and redesigning the comprehensive visual identity that is internationally recognised for their method of project design and management of the project.


Excelsior / Antonia

Brand identity for the famous department store in Milan

Art direction, visual identity and signage for the prestigious department store of Milan. A recognized icon of international shopping located in the central Galleria del Corso.


Food Ideas

Brand identity for the first research center on food and design

Visual identity for the first innovation center related to food farming with a clear design approach.



A new exhibition space that has been created by converting a warehouse built in 1950, which was used to store grain.


B&B Italia

Fifty years Anniversary

The 50th anniversary brand identity for one of the leaders in italian design.


Cartiere Fabriano

Un invito stampato su filigrana

The Fabriano Charter celebrates 750 years of history: over time, extraordinary women and men have made incredible use of them. Fabriano and Fedrigoni, for their Christmas wishes and a Happy New Year 2014, wanted to commemorate them by printing a precious watermark invitation.


Strategy | Project | Sense lab

The re-thinking of the present to produce a “new sense” is the core of Hublab (and its founder, Nicola Zanardi). On this site, you can follow this line of articles for The Corriere della Sera to the essays, from the projects involving many disciplinary disciplines (for example, the project for the Fiera Foundation in Milan) in looking for future offices (BTicino) or on innovative products (Gewiss), technological installations (Triennale di Milano) to interactive content (Enel).


Agenda Esperia 2014

L'agenda settimanale Esperia

The agenda notes that there is an occasion to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Soka Gakkai International foundation. From 1960 Daisaku Ikeda started travelling to spread the teaching of Nichiren Daishonin all over the world. Over a period of 40 years, there are 192 countries where the kosen rufu movement is active. To highlight this intense activity, the shortlist of the first twelve volumes of the New Human Revolution, which speak of peace, dialogue, personal challenges, human relations, have been chosen for the agenda, highlighting the various aspects that characterise the kosen movement rufu.

Museo del Novecento marchio_opere

Museo del Novecento

Modern and contemporary art in Milan

The Museo del Novecento, directed by Marina Pugliese, opened at the Palazzo dell’Arengario, in the very centre of Milan, in the autumn of 2010.

Flat Design

Identity and drawings for a tablecloth series

Flat Design is the home collection of tablecloths with the creative imprints of international designers and art directors, who took up a challenge experimenting with textile as a bi-dimensional surface — like a sheet of paper — to which they added their own poetic touch.



Visual identity for an art publisher

A new publishing house with a keen focus on contemporary art — the brainchild of Alessandra Galasso, a curator, critic and promoter.



Design on your desk – 2013

“Writing. Design on your desk” is a temporary platform that makes it possible to find and purchase the best of stationery design: a selection of the best brands in the Italian and international design industry, collected and presented in an innovative way.

Es Molí de Sal

A restaurant in Formentera

Brand new identity and logo for the launch of this spanish restaurant in Formentera.



The Little Kingdom of Great...

A small sandwich bar who aimes to be Great. In London. Designed in cooperation with Michael Thomson.


The Fabric

The 350° anniversary of a luxury textile maker

VBC 1663 The Fabric is the name Vitale Barberis Canonico, one of the oldest Italian woolen mills, chose to mark the celebrations for its 350th anniversary.


Grand Cru 1663

Visual identity for a prestigious cloth

We designed the visual identity for a unique product, launched by luxury textile maker Vitale Barberis Canonico to mark its 350th anniversary.

350th Exclusive Collection

Vitale Barberis Canonico

Promotional materials for these selected fabrics. In collaboration with Fabrizio Granata.

San Marino Postal Service

The brand identity of a micro-state's Post Office

Following the guidelines from research carried out at University of San Marino by a group led by Massimo Pitis, we developed the identity of the small nation’s postal service. A project in cooperation with Alessandro Tunno.


Tenuta Borgia

A pine forest surrounded by the sea

Tenuta Borgia is one of the most exclusive and charming resorts in the Sicilian island of Pantelleria: 12 hectares with a pine forest, vineyard, majestic palm and olive trees.

Ground Control

A creative agency’s visual identity

Ground Control is an agency that aims at focusing on content and excellence in the development of unique communication projects, managing and safeguarding the quality of production dynamics at all levels. Pitis designed their identity. For more info visit their website.



Designing a range of book series. Consistency and diversity

Italian publishing house Esperia was founded in 1990. Its main purpose is to popularise Buddhist teachings, in particular those based on the tradition of the Lotus Sutra and monk Nichiren Daishonin. Pitis has been commissioned to design most of the books published since 1996.



Visual identity for a photographers collective

Pitis designed the graphic identity for F38F, a collective of three architects and still-life photographers.


Margherita & Co.

Visual identity for a pizza restaurant chain

Margherita & Co is a “fast-good” pizza chain; a quality product made with selected ingredients and extended leavening.



Visual identity for a French ceramic-tiles manufacturer

Pitis designed the distinctive identity for Paris-based ceramic tiles manufacturer Métroskin.

Stuart Weitzman

Concept for the redesign of the logo and identity

Pitis was asked to redesign the logo and the visual identity for this high-end shoe company. This design, however, was never used.



The Italian association of modern and contemporary art museums

AMACI is a non-profit organisation founded in 2003, currently counting 24 members among Italy’s leading modern and contemporary art museums.


Carlo Goldoni 1707 – 2007

Visual identity for a cultural event

Upon celebrating the 300th anniversary of the renowned Venetian playwright’s birth, the Veneto regional government organised a competition for the event’s visual identity. This is a selection from the proposal we presented.

Diario & Blu

Brand identity for a mobile telephone operator, including a custom typeface

“Diario owes its name to the font from which it borrowed more than a simple inspiration: Agenda. I remember having had a sort of real infatuation with that typeface.”