Diario & Blu

Brand identity for a mobile telephone operator, including a custom typeface

“Diario owes its name to the font from which it borrowed more than a simple inspiration: Agenda. I remember having had a sort of real infatuation with that typeface.”


“I used it often and, after adopting it as the font for the corporate identity of a company where I worked, I decided to make it more contemporary. I gave it a son: a younger font, a less conventional design — with those oblique and irregular lines — that would allow the original to keep its integrity, but also guarantee forays into wider arenas. Diario was created during my first experiments with Fontographer: a software program that I had always used to better understand fonts, their design, and their internal grammar, but never before then as a design tool — or as, in this case, a re-design tool.

The lowercase “e” was the real spark. I sensed in that letter the root of something else that was not expressed by Agenda — appropriately, in that font’s case. After the corporate identity design I did for mobile phone company Blu, for which I created a special version called Blutype (with roman and bold versions), many people found out about Diario, and they told me they loved it”. (Massimo Pitis)