A photographic typeface

A typographic research project through photography and bodies.


Bodyfont is an idea Massimo Pitis had after a workshop with students of the primary and secondary school in Merano, near Bolzano/Bozen in Alto Adige/Südtyrol. “I did this exercise with them: ‘Create a family of letters’. It was not about designing or inventing from scratch. It was about finding a common idea, a similar DNA and then starting to think about A, B, C. We avoided digital media and worked only with newspapers, magazines, watercolours, pencils, markers, scissors, tape and so on. Almost everybody liked the idea and they all started, with varying degrees of enthusiasm of course. Only one boy didn’t like the idea at all. So I said to him: ‘Tell me what you would like to do instead?’, and he said ‘I will have a look at the magazines’. And so he did. After a while, he came up with one letter made by cutting a picture out of its context. And it wasn’t bad, not at all! He was playing with the lines which were already there, in the picture. Not crippling or violating the picture, but following the existing forms. So, that’s it. I was amazed and a few years after that I started myself looking at pictures (of the human body, this time) in a different light. And this is the result. Still under construction”.