Le Temps Presse

A Counter-History of the Modern Canadian Environment

Curated by CCA Director Mirko Zardini, designed by Kuehn Malvezzi and with graphic design by Massimo Pitis. The exhibition explores the contradictory relationship between Canada’s idealized wilderness and its simultaneous exploitation.



Art direction for the famous department store in Milan

Pitis is in charge for the Art direction of the prestigious Milanese Dept. Store of Galleria del Corso — an icon of international shopping. Among the artist involved: Miranda Makaroff, Cynthia Kittler, Camilla Perkins and Karan Singh.



A new exhibition space that has been created by converting a warehouse built in 1950, which was used to store grain.

Museo del Novecento marchio_opere

Museo del Novecento

Modern and contemporary art in Milan

The Museo del Novecento, directed by Marina Pugliese, opened at the Palazzo dell’Arengario, in the very centre of Milan, in the autumn of 2010.


Artemisia Gentileschi

History of a passion

The visual identity we designed for the first Italian retrospective show devoted to Early-Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi took as its starting point the very idea that was used as a teasing element to kickstart the exhibition’s promotion: combining the opposite extremes of “ultra light” and “extra bold” typefaces, we obtained an A (for Artemisia) that shows and hides her most celebrated painting, Judith Slaying Holofernes.

Expo 2015: a gateway to Milan

An exhibition and a catalogue

An exhibition at the Triennale di Milano illustrates with boards and scale models the designs shortlisted in the tender competition for building the Expo 2015’s information-point pavilion.

Antinoo cover


The Allure of Beauty

The strong bond that tied emperor Hadrian to this young man from Bithynia, as told through more than 50 sculpures, reliefs, gems and coins.


Costantino 313 d.C.

On show at Milan’s Palazzo Reale

“Constantine, 313 AD. The Edict of Milan and the Age of Tolerance” was an exhibition organised by Milan’s Museo Diocesano and Electa to coincide with the 700th anniversary of Emperor Constantine I’s historic decree. It was held from October 2012 to March 2013.


Vespa Spaghetti Typography

How Italians live with design everyday

Everybody is familiar with Italy’s famous food and the popular Vespa scooter. But not as many people have a very good knowledge of contemporary Italian graphic design, which spawned many other icons.


New York Times Magazine

Party at PAC – Milan

Pitis did all the graphic design work for this party, thrown at Milan’s Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea by NYT Magazine. Interior design was by Migliore+Servetto architects.

Pino Tovaglia

The rule that corrects emotions

Pitis designed both the exhibition, which was curated by Massimo Pitis, and a monograph on the work of Pino Tovaglia: one of the protagonists of Italian graphic design, whose work contributed to the success of many leading Italian businesses, from Pirelli to Fini, from RAI to Alitalia.


Gilles Bensimon

An exhibition for the Elle magazine's famous photographer

A retrospective on the work of Gilles Bensimon: the standard-bearer of a new style of fashion photography, based on movement, sensuality and vitality.



Design on your desk – 2013

“Writing. Design on your desk” is a temporary platform that makes it possible to find and purchase the best of stationery design: a selection of the best brands in the Italian and international design industry, collected and presented in an innovative way.

Gold Medal for Italian Architecture

The building of social value

The goal of the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture is public promotion of contemporary architecture as a manufacturer of civic and environmental value, and looks at the discipline as a product of a lively dialogue between designers, clients and construction companies.



“Out!” — Art and Urban Space, 1968-1976

This exhibition presented some significant instances in the relationship between art and urban space in Italy between 1968 and 1976.


Photography from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Collection

“Conversations” presented a selection of photographs from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Collection, one of the most diverse corporate collections in the world.


The Fabric

The 350° anniversary of a luxury textile maker

VBC 1663 The Fabric is the name Vitale Barberis Canonico, one of the oldest Italian woolen mills, chose to mark the celebrations for its 350th anniversary.

350th Exclusive Collection

Vitale Barberis Canonico

Promotional materials for these selected fabrics. In collaboration with Fabrizio Granata.


Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo and the Fourth Estate

Ten years of passionate research

Italian master Pellizza da Volpedo’s The Fourth Estate is among the 20th-century works that left a mark from a social and political perspective, not just for its sheer artistic merits.

Claudia Gian Ferrari

Collecting Twentieth-Century Art

An exhibition that relates the life of a famous Milanese collector: pictures, works of art and other objects she owned give a revealing account of a significant part of the 20th century in Milan, thanks also to outstanding work done by Daniel Libeskind in designing the exhibition.


Orti e Giardini

The Green Heart of Ancient Rome

“Ornamental and Productive Gardens. The Heart of Ancient Rome” was an exhibition held on the Palatine hill from May to October 2012. It recreated the gardens of ancient Rome.

Mixed Media

An exhibition at Museo del Novecento

Held at Milan’s Museo del Novecento from March to September 2013, this exhibition took a look behind the scenes of 20th-century art, shedding light on how and why artists invented new techniques such as collage, assemblage, and photomontage, or used new kinds of materials and media, including plastic and video.


Casprini 2012

Graphic identity for a design furniture brand

Graphic design for Casprini’s exhibition stand at the Salone del Mobile Milan design week and for a catalogue.

Qui si rifà l’Italia

Stazione Futuro

A massive exhibition about the next twenty years in Italy that was organised to mark the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the country’s unification. An occasion to talk about innovation, research, technology, business and culture. The exhibition was designed with David Moretti and with the cooperation of Alessandro Tunno.


Kenya Hara

Visiting Milan

Pitis organised a lecture by the famous Japanese designer, Muji’s art director and the director of the Nippon Design Center, at the Politecnico di Milano.

Fabio Novembre

Teach me too the freedom of the swallows

Pitis designed the visual identity of the 2008 exhibition “Insegna anche a me la libertà delle rondini” and a special monograph issue of the free magazine Urban that was devoted to this show.


Venice Architecture Biennal 2004

Graphic design for the Italian Pavillion

Exhibition identity and graphic design for the Italian Pavilion, curated by Mirko Zardini and Giovanna Borasi at the Ninth International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, titled “Metamorph” and directed by Kurt W. Forster.


The Character of Cities

Asphalt. The Character of Cities is an exhibition that was held at the Milan Triennale in the Spring of 2003.


Wallpaper* + Giorgio Armani

60 Architecture models

The grid defines the space between the parts. Cancelling out the historical and stylistic differences between the models they represent, the shadows cast are recomposed on the ground into a single modern-day contemporary cityscape, within the unused spaces of the former Nestlé industrial compound in Milan.
Sixty models representing the history of interior architecture, made by the students of Milan Polytecnic.
Suspended disks, zenithal lighting, shadows on the ground and graphics. More information here.