A new exhibition space that has been created by converting a warehouse built in 1950, which was used to store grain.


Strategy | Project | Sense lab

The re-thinking of the present to produce a “new sense” is the core of Hublab (and its founder, Nicola Zanardi). On this site, you can follow this line of articles for The Corriere della Sera to the essays, from the projects involving many disciplinary disciplines (for example, the project for the Fiera Foundation in Milan) in looking for future offices (BTicino) or on innovative products (Gewiss), technological installations (Triennale di Milano) to interactive content (Enel).

pure rubies01

Pure Rubies

Podernuovo a Palazzone: The Bulgari Vineyard

For wine lovers, and for those who are curious about how to promote luxury brands successfully on the iPad platform.

Ground Control

A creative agency’s visual identity

Ground Control is an agency that aims at focusing on content and excellence in the development of unique communication projects, managing and safeguarding the quality of production dynamics at all levels. Pitis designed their identity. For more info visit their website.



Designing a range of book series. Consistency and diversity

Italian publishing house Esperia was founded in 1990. Its main purpose is to popularise Buddhist teachings, in particular those based on the tradition of the Lotus Sutra and monk Nichiren Daishonin. Pitis has been commissioned to design most of the books published since 1996.



Visual identity for a photographers collective

Pitis designed the graphic identity for F38F, a collective of three architects and still-life photographers.