New York Times Magazine

Party at PAC – Milan

Pitis did all the graphic design work for this party, thrown at Milan’s Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea by NYT Magazine. Interior design was by Migliore+Servetto architects.

Gilles Bensimon

An exhibition for the Elle magazine's famous photographer

A retrospective on the work of Gilles Bensimon: the standard-bearer of a new style of fashion photography, based on movement, sensuality and vitality.


Space Morphing

The works of architects Migliore+Servetto

Space Morphing offers an in-depth view of 16 international projects by Migliore+Servetto, illustrating how they transformed locations from empty spaces into highly dynamic ones.


Wallpaper* + Giorgio Armani

60 Architecture models

The grid defines the space between the parts. Cancelling out the historical and stylistic differences between the models they represent, the shadows cast are recomposed on the ground into a single modern-day contemporary cityscape, within the unused spaces of the former Nestlé industrial compound in Milan.
Sixty models representing the history of interior architecture, made by the students of Milan Polytecnic.
Suspended disks, zenithal lighting, shadows on the ground and graphics. More information here.