Pizza, pancakes and daily bread

A lecture at the Type Directors’ Club, New York City

Massimo Pitis presented his work at the TDC’s Salon in New York City on the 6th of March, 2011.

“Cooking has always been a profession in my family. At least for the women. I was the first male to inherit the ‘gift’ of cooking; I also broke the mould and did not follow my family’s footsteps. Instead, I chose a career in design. Despite the differences between these two professional callings, I found myself dealing with ingredients, taste, harmony, procedures and recipes. I must say that now, after two decades spent working in this field, I don’t see it being much different from cooking. I will therefore introduce my recipes and ingredients with the conviction that, whenever you give the same tools and basic elements to two people or more, you will never have a result that ‘tastes’ or looks the same. That’s the beauty of cooking. And of graphic design”.